The Carenini family wishes you a very warm welcome to the Hotel Carenno.  Right in the center of Carenno at an altitude of 630 meters above sea level, we are located in the San Martino Valley amidst  the picturesque surroundings of the Orobie Pre-Alps.  For many years our hotel has been at the center of town life for local people and visitors alike who appreciate the genuine quality of our cuisine and the friendliness of the hotel's management.  Occupying an historic building that includes both period and modern furnishings for the enjoyment and relaxation of our guests, we maintain a tradition of hospitality that goes back five generations, a fact that earned us the title of "Historic Business" in 2010, awarded by the Region of Lombardy.  Certainly each of our guests feels comfortably at home owing to the attentive, family-run management that is ready to satisfy any need.  Easily accessible, the hotel is close to shops, a pharmacy and the bus stop in addition to the Old Town, where one can  walk back into the past among houses and historic structures that bear proud witness to the craft of masonry as practiced by the master masons of Carenno.  Much visited since the end of the 19th century because of its pleasant,  dry climate, Carenno’ s sunny site protected from the wind made it a destination in the 20th century for families and hikers on summer holiday.  The closest peaks (which reach a height of 1,400 meters),   sports facilities, a private tennis club and a vast network of footpaths (of interest to lovers of  nature and history alike) are all factors that make the Hotel an ideal base for rediscovering the pleasure of simple things and of life in a natural environment.  Among these  are the flora and fauna in the Ocone Park, as well as those in the nearby Adda Nord di Leonardo Park and on Mt. Resegone, a protected area and one of the most beautiful mountains in the Lombard pre-alpine landscape, renowned for its distinctive shape.

ALBERGO RISTORANTE CARENNO di Carenini Franco & c. - p.i. 02707750135 - 23082 Carenno (LC) Via Roma, 4 - Tel 0341 611349 - Fax 0341 610265

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