Sport and Nature

Owing to the Hotel Carenno’s year-round amenities and its location in the upper San Martino Valley, a small but interesting area between Lecco and Bergamo, spending your vacation or just a simple weekend there means being immersed in an enchanting place, endowed with a rich historical and artistic background as well as a pristine natural setting.  

For those who love “slow tourism” and holidays in the open air, Carenno and its valley represent an outdoor gymnasium that is ideal for staying in shape.  Here one can take challenging hikes over the rocky spurs of Mt. Resegone or pleasant stolls through peaceful flatlands—as well as wonder along the banks of the river Adda to stop at marvelous natural terraces, where you can enjoy moving and unforgettable views looking down on the lakes in Brianza or across the skyline at some of the Alps’ most prominent peaks.  

A network of legally registered paths makes it possible for you to personalize a hiking itinerary ( and allows all of us to return to a purer, detoxifying way of life.  In this context the Hotel is an optimal point of departure for those setting out on foot and mountain bikes over historic pathways or on cultural and religious itineraries—all of which are now documented by the Ecomuseo Val San Martino (

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Sentiero panoramico - Dal Pertus alla Forcella Bassa - Località Rasmì
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