The owners, who provide guidebooks issued by the Lake Como Mountain San Martino Valley community, suggest that you spend one or two enjoyable days discovering the rich culture and history of fascinating local places—all a part of the traditional beauty and flavor of this valley.  
- The Roads of Faith:  The convent of Santa Maria del Lavello, the convent of the Somaschi Fathers, the church of San Lorenzo Vecchio, the religious center of San Michele, the Cistercian abbey of San Giacomo in Pontida, the same city where the events leading up to its famous Oath-taking are relived every year in June (though it was on April 7, 1167 that the City-States in Lombardy conspired as allies against the Holy Roman Empire under Frederick Barbarossa).  
- The Valley of the Castles:  The San Martino Valley, which has always been borderland, still retains its system of defense construction built to protect local territory:  the Somasca Fortress (said to have belonged to the Unnamed), the Di Rossino Castle, the Tower of Tuzzano Rota, the House-Tower of Cavesano, the tower in the center of Caprino, the Castle of Cisano b.sco and the Tower of Odiago.  
- The Museum Collections:  The Botanical Garden at the Villa de Ponti, the Masons’ Museum, the Museum of Natural History at the Collegio di Celanae, the altar-piece by Lorenzo Lotto in the parish church, and the libraries in Caprino and Pontida.  
- The Nature Itinerary on Mt. Pertus:  From an Alpine ridge reaching an altitude of 1,200 metres along the border between the provinces of Lecco and Bergamo, you can gaze out over breath-taking panoramas at 360˚.  Here it is still possible to find important cultural artifacts and the characteristic web-like structures called “Roccoli,” made
from plant matter, which were once used to capture birds.
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